Tiny Script

Welcome to the Tiny Script Playground!

To use a bookmarklet script: bookmark the link (or this page), edit the bookmark and remove everything upto and including the first #. The link should now start with javascript:;(function(){. When you click on it the included script will run on the webpage you are on. If you didn't remove the first part, you would land back here, editing the script instead of running it.

The Tiny Script Playground bookmarklet can be used on any site too! Install it using the normal bookmark install instructions above, and then use it to develop bookmarklets anywhere.

WARNING: Bookmarklets you run on a webpage can do anything you are authorized to do on that site. This includes hijacking your account. Don't run bookmarklets you don't understand on webpages you care about. Ever.

Checkout the source on Github. And let me know if you like it on Twitter!